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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 15:25:29 -0500
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Subject: cyclocross was Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?

Ooooo gross, a mountain bike. yuck!

early 80s classifies it as classic. Not a lightweight though! There is a degree of originality as the forerunner of an epidemic that eventually affected millions of people. Then again, AIDs came about in the early 80s also and affected millions of people, but not quite by choice and popularity and definitely not a good thing! It has introduced people to cycling and gotten more people involved in the sport also and a great deal of mr bikers ride road as well.

Who on the list has a classic cyclocross bicycle? I love cyclocross and I am hoping it fits into the realm of the classic list here based on the close relationship with road biking (off season roadies). what types of classic cyclocross bicycles were popular or frequently found in the states? Were the cyclocross bikes of olden days equipped much like the road bikes? They must have been very close to road machines. Did they use calipers? Cantilevers came about later did they not? Just curious about the cross bikes of old. reply offlist if this isn't close enough to classic bike content.

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> Classic or not?

Your thoughts.


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