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Subject: Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 16:50:03 -0500

I sent for the pictures of the bike and it is pretty neat looking. Painted black, Mertz decals, 531, cool prototype stem (bull moose but split to allow adjustment. The crank looks to be Stronglight with TA rings (if there is such a thing). The first Stumps (1982) were Tig welded and this one is lugged. I think it is a prototype for the 1983 lugged models.

I have 5 first year (1982) and a 1983 Stump with pictures and specs @ if anyone is interested.

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Subject: Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?

> I'd say the Stumpjumper prototype is classic. It's steel, it's lugged, and
> it's got a TA Cyclotourist (I wonder if that was the crank Specialized
> originally installed on the prototype. . . .). And since it's early-80s, it
> fits the time frame, which an MB-1 doesn't.
> Wish the seller had posted pictures rather than asking potential bidders to
> write for them. (I wonder how many e-mails he'll receive before the
> auction's close?)
> It'll be fun to see what everyone thinks about this one!
> nath dresser
> spring green, wi (where winter has returned. . . .)
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