Re: cyclocross was Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?

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Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2002 18:57:27 EST
Subject: Re: cyclocross was Re: [CR]Is this a classic or not?

Walt and All,

I think the "Classic Time Line" is a bit too arbitrary for the state of things these days. I believe the design of a product is more important than the year of its introduction/production; vis-a-vis, Rivendell!!

I think We get a bit too "hung up" on dates as far as "Classic" is concerned. I know this can be a very subjective topic, and perhaps that is why Dale has set "time limits," but it seems flexibility should be in order.....or else, by Our standards, could there ever be a Renaissance with bicycle frame production?

By the way Walt; I have a 1995 Bianchi Cyclocross (lugged of course!) and consider it a Classic (especially since the new ones are tigged...or are they still making tigged CC frames??).

Chuck Brooks
Just Cogitating In....
Malta, NY