Lots of vintage parts for sale[CR]

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From: First Flight Bicycles <jeff@firstflightbikes.com>
To: <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: Lots of vintage parts for sale[CR]
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:20:00 -0500

Hey guys:

We just received 2 pallets of older bike parts. We are still sorting thru to see exactly what we have. I am offering these parts at "pre web site listing" prices to try and help move some of the bulk. These prices are good thru February 2 and are first come-first served. Please confirm that we still have the part in stock. It may take a day or two to get it all sorted out.

I have posted an Excel spreadsheet with prices and quantities @ http://www.firstflightbikes.com/closeout.xls Some of the included stuff: Brooks saddles, Sturmey Archer parts, internal gear hubs, Suntour shifters, Suntour chainrings, Shimano Bio Pace chainrings, Rhino CNC parts, many clamps, Brooks parts........

You may also combine these items with any of our regular vintage parts @ http://www.firstflightbikes.com/lightwei.htm to save on shipping costs.

We will consider trades, especially for older ATB parts.

Jeff Archer
First Flight Bicycles
216 S. Center St.
Statesville, NC 28677
704.878.9683 phone
704.878.9689 FAX

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Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 2:06 PM
Subject: [CR]Fwd: Richard Sachs hit by car, injured but mending...

> Hey gang:
> Our E-Richie got whacked pretty badly!
> I suggest maybe a written note would be nice and NOT an e-mail so as to flood
> his incoming box.
> Richard Sachs Cycles
> No. 9, North Main Street
> Chester, CT 06412
> I take the liberty of copying below his message to me I just read!
> Damn!
> In a message dated 1/29/2002 11:38:05 AM Eastern Standard Time, richardsachs
> writes:
> <<
> i got nailed on friday. a car hit me squarely from behind
> while i was leaving for a training ride. the driver said he
> didn't see me, and afterwards he told a bystander that he
> didn't even know he hit me; his kids told him. it happened
> 1 block from home. ambulance. emergency room. the
> whole bit. i have a broken leg and the usual bumps/bruises.
> i'll be on the injured list for awhile.
> in the meantime, i'm doing some CAD stuff for a braze-on
> for rearview mirrors that are campagnolo compatible. >>
> Damn!
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, NC
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