[CR]Difficult question

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From: "garth libre" <rabbitman@mindspring.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 18:16:36 -0500
Subject: [CR]Difficult question

I have been reluctant to even speak about my plans for the very near future. I have lived with, and built a life with my beloved common law wife for about 15 years now. I will be departing our happy house for a new life. Our break up is amicable but difficult and involves no lawyers, only loving discussion. Additionally, I don't care much for South Florida and yearn to see the country and most likely move back to my previous home in San Diego (area). I will be driving across the country, using an unknown route, and driving slowly, slowly to see the country that I have never known, in the center part of the North American land mass. I will be packing only what fits in my Miata and staying at motels and with occasional friends scattered around the land. Yes, there is a bike rack that Moss Motors makes that starts with a receiver hitch that attaches to the under frame. I need a bike to keep in shape and keep my sanity, as life always seems good after a challenging workout.

I can't believe that it is good for a classic bike to driven daily through rain and dust and 70 mph breezes for months on end. Therefore I will be looking to purchase a disposable old clunker with good rims and tires or a fixed gear old beaten model, or a $600.00 aluminum Trek that can take the beating without me worrying about whether it will rust or be stolen etc. I will be sending for my possessions at a later date, but I plan to sacrifice what little space is in a Miata trunk to a few pairs of cycle shorts, jerseys and shoes. Can anyone give me an idea about what to buy that will appear relatively worthless to a mid country hooligan thief? If someone would tell me that a classic bike of some kind might take the abuse, I would consider going that route, but not with a classic that already has my blood and sweat imbuing the steel structure. It would have to be a new old classic that I have no previous history with, and kind of cheap to boot.

I would like to visit with old list buds with whom I have shared so much during the quest. Feel free to contact me, but I promise not to mooch food or money or a place to stay, as I will not be penniless or without pride. I am in my late 40's and going through male menopause, but that doesn't mean that I want to relive the crash and flop tendencies of my youth.

I want to apologize for the long ot post about Colin Chapman, but maybe you will cut me some slack based on my previous good behavior and my current crisis. Sorry to hear about Dale Brown and his accident as I pray daily to the guardian angels that protect bikers and other iconoclasts that sometimes take more risks than their parents would have advised. Get well soon Dale. Last night I rode with a man in his 30's that refuses to stop hard training rides just because he lost one kidney. He was breathing hard, but I felt his inner will to live. His brother became a Cat 2 in his 30's and continues to successfully compete in racing even though he had an accident where a car entered the race course and collided with him at high speed causing the doctors to give the prognosis that he could never race again. He still does race and still wins, while handing down his used bikes to his brother who has the different challenge of riding with only one kidney. You can survive in fine style too Dale.

Garth Libre in stagnant South Florida.