[CR]Cosmetically sympathetic wheel components

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From: "feldman" <feldmanbike@yahoo.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 09:16:30 -0800
Subject: [CR]Cosmetically sympathetic wheel components

This came about during a phone discussion with another listmember yesterday. I have a bike repair business, he was asking me about the availability of period spokes--Robergel, Radealli (spelling?) etc. I proposed a few items that have superior modern quality (this boy has built wheels for 30 years, I don't want to hear about good, old spokes as there weren't any!) but vintage appearance for cyclists who want spokes that don't break and might not want to use tubular tires. These are my favorites for period appearance with modern reliability, it would be good to hear any others: Spokes: Wheelsmith butted have a sharper transition between butt and midsection that looks more like an older type of spoke than DT's more gradual diameter change. Rims: Torelli Expert, 480 gram clincher rim of a squarer appearance, clear anodized, shaped like old Mavic Mod E. At ten feet it would look acceptably like an old tubular rim especially when shod with: Tires: Vredestein Fortezza, or Rivendel Roly Poly depending on how skinny or fat a tire you want. Both fast rolling, comfortable, and tough. Both have skin sidewalls and black tread. Hope this keeps anyone from setting their 1965 classic up with blue Open Pros and green-striped Michelins!

David Feldman
Vancouver, WA