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Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 16:59:57 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Herse on Ebay

Yes, I also would like to point out a few things about Japanese collectors.

1) For long time they had been importing "PARTS" but they hardly imported complete bicycle due to their economy during 50's and 60's. Sporting goods such as golf clubs and racing bike were subject to a huge triff and commodity tax etc, and I remember I had to triple the price for Japanese market from US pricing even around 1976.

2) The fact, the original=imports stuff means prestigious and high price although some of things they made in domestic manner were better quality and prices. Domestic meant the second class and less value.

3) Recently, they are buying back what they could not afford in 60's and 70's. Because of their success in economics. I understand that some of bikes sold in ebay were stripped off the all parts and frame only came back to the USA later.

4) I am 5'-8" ride 20" +/- 1/2" frame and Mr. T. Noda is very tall for Japanese in his generation (I think about 5'-10"), But age 45-55 well to do Japanese guys are 5'-5" to 6. They should be riding on 18" to 19" frames. But younger generation has grown a considerable height, and can ride 22" to 23" frame but often can not afford 7000.00 bike.

Well, all the parts are same size, there is no problem of fitting them. But as I recall in 60's, evething bicycle were British I did not know there were Italian and French threads!

KEN TODA, over the hill Japanese American rider in North Carolina, beautiful 76'+