[CR]'70 Paramount

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From: "Richard & Shelvie Robinson" <robin25@konnect.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 22:26:36 +0900
Subject: [CR]'70 Paramount


I was looking closely at the 1970 Paramount listed on Ebay and I find several things I'm confused about. I don't claim to be a Paramount expert as I was only three in 1970 (sorry), but about two years ago I bought a 1973 Paramount that needed to be refinished. For over a year I searched the internet for as much info about early 70's Paramounts as I could find. I also talked with many individuals that I would classify as "experts", including Richard Schwinn himself. The following is what I find wrong about the fame on ebay:

1. The Reynolds decal is incorrect. It indicates that the '531' tube set is post Ti Reynolds. I believe Reynolds changed the decal approximately 74/75. Also, the number 531 should be flanked by two small stars on either side. Finally the print, "BUTTED" over the numbers would indicate a butted main frame but not necessarily Reynolds in all the rest of the tubes. From what I understand all 70's Paramounts were full Reynolds.

2. The "Schwinn Super Light Bicycles" decal on a Paramount seems to be incorrect.

3. Down tube and top tue decals are incorrect and were found on Paramounts in the mid to late 70's. The earliest Paramount I've seen with this style of decal was a late 1974.

4. Incorrect lugs for a 70's Paramount, should be Nervex Pro lugs.

Could this Paramount be something rare? Custom? I personally think the frame has been repainted and could be an earlier Paramount, say early or late 50's. Bid with caution, but who knows this may be a diamond in the rough. I look forward to any insight someone may have about this bike. Thanks!

Regards, Rich
Okinawa, Japan