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Thought I would post this to all.It was an incredible bicycle journey.No relation to author or Gene Dixon.Just an item of interest. Nick Z. Atlanta,Ga

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Thanks for the tip, and happy New Year!


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> Hi Mark,
> I am not aware of where you can find this book,but here is a
> similar book
> that you might enjoy.
> The author is Fred A. Birchmore.The name of his book is
> Around The World On
> A Bicycle.It chronicles
> his journey in 1935-36 made on a bicycle.Very interesting
> stuff; some of
> which is hard to comprehend;
> considering all of the things we take for granted today.I
> bought my copy
> from Gene Dixon in Athens,Ga.
> Mr Birchmore lives in Athens,Ga & is quite a remarkable
> individual.The book
> was originally published
> in 1939[very difficult to find]& was republished in 1996.The
> publishers
> website is http://www.cucumberisland.com
> or you can contact Gene Dixon at his email address:
> mail@dixonsbicycles.com
> Mr.Birchmore was supposedly the very first person to travel
> the globe via
> bicycle.He also published a second
> book called Miracles in my Life:Tales of a Happy Wanderer.The
> first book was
> just the beginning of his
> many accomplishments in life.In 1995,at the age of 84,he
> biked the Canadian
> Rockies with his son.
> If you are interested,I would suggest contacting Gene for a
> copy.He had some
> that were signed by
> Mr.Birchmore.
> Regards,
> Nick Zatezalo
> Atlanta,Ga.