[CR]FS: More of the family silver

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From: "David Blight" <davidblight@rya-online.net>
To: "Classic Rendezvous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 5 Jan 2002 19:18:57 -0000
Subject: [CR]FS: More of the family silver

Buy your loved ones a bit of European heritage for Christmas! I have the following items for sale prior to throwing them to the dogs of ebay.

Pictures can be found on this horrendously long link:


If at any stage you are asked for a password use Triumph

If you have problems with this link, let me know.

Bayliss Wiley close-ratio 3 arm double chainset. 1952. 165mm cranks. Original BB set. The cranks have just been rechromed to show standard but the rings are original and show very little wear. English pedal thread. Rings are 46 and 49. Has all but one of the correct square head chainring bolts. 75 dollars.

Cinelli Sacchi Track Stem. 1960ish. The sloping one. 110 length. Beautifully rechromed with correct expander and clamp bolt, but unfortunately no name badge. 45 dollars

Airlite front hub. Large flange 32 hole to match 40 hole rear or SA Hub. Imperceptible pitting on the barrels but otherwise fine. 40 dollars.

Simplex Tour de France rear mech. The one with the black and gold laurel leaf pivot cover. Main body rechromed but otherwise good and complete, although I presume the plastic LJ Simplex jockey wheels are a late replacement. 40 dollars

Simplex Competition rod operated front changer. All parts rechromed. 40 dollars.

Campag Large flange front hub only. 36 hole. 71 on the nuts. Open C qr lever. A little rust on the qr adjuster, but otherwise mechanically and aesthetically fine. 35 dollars

Campag front mechs: I Record - Sorry it is the later lipped version. 25 dollars, and 1 Super Record also 25 dollars.

All post at cost from the UK. Add 7 dollars to Gear mechs, stems and single hubs. Otherwise I’ll quote. Cash or money orders please.

The lovely 21.5 inch Ellis Briggs on the photo site is still for sale at 250 dollars.

David Blight in gloriously anticyclonic weather, Devon UK