Re: [CR]A complaint re: Stan Pike page in Classic Rendezvous

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Subject: Re: [CR]A complaint re: Stan Pike page in Classic Rendezvous
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 13:01:54 -0500

Okay???? WHere's the insulting part? I think people need to lighten up and learn to enjoy life. You have 7 days to respond to my email Dale or else I am gonna be ....mad or something.

Walt Falls creek, Pa Just got back from a cross ride in the snowy conditions!

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Subject: [CR]A complaint re: Stan Pike page in Classic Rendezvous

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> writes:
> << Dear Sirs
> I understand that you are the webmaster for
> I refer to your web page on Stan Pike @
> The details contained about my father are factually incorrect and insulting,
> I respectfully request that you either correct the script or remove it within
> seven days of the date of this 'e' mail.
> Steve Pike>>
> Dear Mr. Pike:
> YIKES!!!
> I am shocked and upset by your response!
> I am sorry to have caused any consternation on your part... as all of us in
> the vintage bike hobby have great respect for your father and his work. Two
> of my friends currently own and love their Stan Pike bicycles!
> I sold his frames in my store (cycles de ORO, Inc.) years ago and thought
> them to be the tops. I intended the words in that page to be respectful and
> not at all insulting, but obviously I was wrong, as witnessed by the
> inference you have taken!
> As you can see by the attribution, the main info there was received from
> Hilary Stone, who is one of the editors of Cycling Plus magazine and
> considered one of the most expert lightweight vintage bike guys in the world!
> So, my apologies for accidentally eliciting your negative response and now
> let's see what we can do to correct the situation. Here is my statement in
> the start of the British section of the Classic Rendezvous web site:
> "There are literally hundreds of classic era British makers and perhaps
> someday we will have them all included here! Please contribute any
> information or illustrations you might have. Corrections are gratefully
> accepted!"
> I would ask you to offer up all the corrections you see necessary in the Stan
> Pike page and then provide any additional materials you think might put the
> slant on your father's career that you would like. Articles, from the press
> or by you or other family, plus photos, catalogs, etc., all would be welcome.
> Will these steps address your concerns? Please note that the purpose of my
> efforts in this web site is to inform and enhance the public about these
> fine hand crafted old bikes, in a not-for-profit format.
> Stan Pike certainly has a well earned spot in this "Hall of Fame!"
> Thanks
> Dale
> Dale Brown
> Greensboro, North Carolina
> Web master
> <A HREF="">Classic Rendezvous</A>