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Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 16:13:48 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]FUJI "Newest"

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<< All in all, a very nice example of a semi-production bike rising above its competition and offering a much better than average craft work. I would buy it too iffen it was 21.5"-22"! >>

Dale, I am also impressed, and see how Japanese industrious mighty came in to the US as Toyota and Honda's success turned into Lexus and Accura's. Surprisinging to see "everything" is made in Japan! Too bad, they were too busy for production of war machines in 30's and 40's, even 50's! They could have had wonderful technology and craftmanship for sporting goods as light weight bikes of Europeans.

They do not have much history and traditions, but everyday they are being made, I would love to live over 200 years old and review the bike like that. I would at this point value the bike as twice of the "buy it now price". I wish I could find it at the size of 19-1/2" to 20-1/2"!!!!

KEN TODA, cold rainny Sunday in High Point, North Carolina.