Re: [CR]Reflections on a Flying Scot frameset

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Subject: Re: [CR]Reflections on a Flying Scot frameset
Date: Sun, 6 Jan 2002 20:22:30 -0600

Dale, et, al:

Beautiful bike, this Scot, and that rack is just nifty. I think Rivendell sells a Nitto version that attaches to the seatpost but this one is so much nicer. Does anyone else make one?

Also, does anyone still make the rack that supports a handlebar bag from the fork crown?

Rick Chasteen, Kansas City

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Subject: [CR]Reflections on a Flying Scot frameset

> I just received a new addition to the stable.. A very nice Flying Scot frame
> and fork, circa 1957. It is an eye opener in that I had never seen a Flying
> Scot before. It truly is very nice indeed, up to the billing this marque had
> received earlier on this forum. My "agent" in this acquisition was Bruce
> Robbins (thanks again to that gent) Bob Reid has put up a few pics here: