[CR]Primary source of transportation in Japan

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Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 22:07:32 -0800 (PST)
From: "Dennis Johnson" <shakyoten@yahoo.com>
To: WickedSky@aol.com
Cc: CR <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Primary source of transportation in Japan

Dear Sir:

First, I disagree with your comments to this forum. I've found CR to be very civil in their discussion of misperceptions, inaccuracies, lack of information, incorrect assumptions, plain wrong guesses, and downright SWAG's. CR members have actually been very tolerant (relatively speaking) to the occasional person who we suspect may be trying to deceive others in the hope of temporary gain.

Second, You are incorrect in stating that the bicycle is a primary source of transportation in Japan. Perhaps that was true up to the mid-60's for urban travel, but no longer. There are other explanations for why Japanese hobbyists are willing to pay high prices for collectible parts.

Finally, I hope that you will reconsider your "unsubscription". We try to keep a lively discussion here, but I would not (in my wildest stretch of imagination) call it "elitist". There are very knowledgeable people here who are FAR from elitist. If you were offended by a comment and you have a thin skin.. you quit and you lose. We lose also by the loss of your participation and knowledge.

Good luck in your new classic bicycle discussion list. I'll stay here.


Dennis Johnson Visalia (Foggy) Californis

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