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Subject: Re: [CR]wool care
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 20:48:11 -0700
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Believe it or not, but Woolite is TERRIBLE for wool ...

Best thing to use is Johnson's baby shampoo ... after all, what is wool but fine hair?

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> Scott,
> I can't recall the consensus of the CR wool-bearers, but here's my two
> bleats worth:
> I wash all my wool (and all my other bike clothes) in lukewarm water with a
> bit of Ivory dishwashing detergent, after which I rinse each article several
> times. (Woolite is another choice, but I think any mild detergent would
> do.) Then I hand-squeeze it dry (not wringing it) and let it air-dry; if
> it's big enough, I usually lay it flat over the clothes rack so it won't
> stretch.
> I try to wash it right after I've stretched after a ride so that nothing
> gets a chance to set in for good--or bad!
> nath dresser
> spring green, wi (mid-40s today! should've gone for a ride, but I used the
> nice weather to work on the car instead)