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My experience over a year ago with L. BICO was mixed and they apparently have no URL or telephone number anymore... I called L. BICO (517) 743-5987 asking about Campy brake dropbolts or similar parts and they claimed to have a set in-house that they would send to me. I gave them my MC credit card and requested shipment ASAP.

Lo and behold, several months went by and I made several calls asking for an update on what happened to products that were never received and the status of my credit card order that had not yet been charged to my account. I heard them rustle through a stack of papers and confirm they had recieved my order and would ship quickly. I even offered to schedule a time for me to drive up and pick up in person, but they claimed they were busy on weekends and may not be able to address my needs if I appeared.

They made apologies that they were "busy" with the holidays (for 4 months?) and had not made time to search in-house for the parts they claimed to have. After several months of 4 logged telephone calls by me to them, they always said they would "try to find it next week" and ended up never calling or Emailing me.

I ended up cancelling my supposed order with them because they did not follow through on their commitments in a reasonable time frame. I cannot vouch for the depth of their parts inventory, but I suggest that if you work with L. BICO for parts - be patient and don't expect immediate service, even if they are still in business! E CAVEAT EMPTOR!

Regards, Steve Neago "Dreaming of warmer days in Cincinnati, OH"

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> anyone have a supply of or know a supplier for Regina single-speed
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> Try "L.BICO" out of Michigan, last time I saw them they had the item your
> speak of for only $11. Cheers,
> Dave Anderson
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