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Date: Tue, 01 Jan 2002 19:06:48 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <>
To: Janis Johnson <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Listmember of the year
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Yes, I'm still here. Sometimes my world begins spinning so fast I'm slung out into space. It takes me a little while to find my way back.

Regarding your cute little story about Matt and the shorts; I'm afraid you may have tilted my vote a bit in the opposite direction. Take into consideration (for the rest of us) that had you no shorts to wear there would only have been two other options. Had you opted for the correct one, I'm sure the rest of us would have let it slide. ;-0! Points off, Matt my boy. Oh, I forgot, Matt has immunity this year........never mind. Besides, there probably would have been a big fight over the saddle which would most certainly have disturbed the neighbors.

You know, any time you are curious wheather I'm still amongst the living; you can put a tiny Masi or Colnago track bike up for sale for cheap and see if I appear out of the eathers. A Hetchins or Herse would probably work equally well. Just keep that in mind.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA You're not actually rid of me. The chain around my foot that is attached to my vice is just long enough for me to reach the computer.

> Brian is actually ALIVE! We were starting to get concerned up North here,
> since we hadn't heard from him for months. Glad to know that you're still
> kicking. And as for voting for CR Listmember of the year, I second Brain's
> vote. To demonstrate to all of you just how hospitable and caring Matt is, I
> have a little story.
> When we heard about a Five Piers Ride that was to be held in August, Peter
> and I loaded up the VeeDub New Beetle with a couple of Italian gems and
> drove the 400 miles to Long Beach, California to see what all the hoopla was
> about. As we excitedly motored down Interstate 5, I thought it would be good
> to double-check to make sure I had all the necessary equipment (I was
> co-pilot!): Cinelli ...check; Alessandro wool jersey...check; shoes...check;
> socks..check; shorts.......?...shorts.....DOH! I had forgotten my shorts!
> What a DOOFUS.
> When we were 40 or so minutes from Matt's house, we decided to call him to
> get explicit directions and to ask him if he knew of any sporting goods
> stores or bicycle shops along the way that might be open at 9:00 Sunday
> morning. It didn't sound promising. But here's where Matt really became my
> savior. He offered to let me wear a pair of his OWN chamois shorts for the
> ride. WOW! I'd never worn someone else's shorts before. So, we arrived at
> his home and there, in all their splendor, were three different pairs of
> lycra shorts for me to choose from. I opted for the Pearl Izumi's, which fit
> great.
> So, three cheers for Matthew Gorski! Master of Ceremonies for all Five Piers
> Rides and our beloved Godfather of Campagnolo. Tullio would be proud.
> Thanks, Matt. You're the GREATEST!
> Jan "Run the preflight check BEFORE takeoff" Johnson
> Portola Valley, CA