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My LBS has one permanently for sale. This is the exact bike used a few years back for the photo shoot when Bicycling Magazine was giving one away. The bike is a size 59 center/top with a 57top tube!! Very, very red... For me, the bike is ruined somewhat by the psuedo(?) fastback seatstay arrangement vs. the side attached & scalloped ones as well as the semi sloping fork crown vs. the flat version. Call me picky. BTW, permanently for sale because "no one wants to pay for a steel bike". LBS is currently using the bike on his indoor trainer. Could be a buy for someone...? Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)

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Mondonico also built the Team 3V frames for Masi USA (through Torelli) in 1996. I own one of these and its quite a nice ride. Its my favorite "modern" bike. Top tube decal reads, 'Faliero Masi'. I know the Torelli Masi's are much maligned by Masi purists and aficionados, but based on my experiences with this bike the Mondonico's must have been something special.


Carlo Carr