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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 00:32:00 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Southern CA Ride/Vintage bikes- Great Plan


Great pain. For extra classic vintage content it should be known that there were many "Bike Trains" in the 1930's and 1940's out of Chicago. LAW reCofounder Phillis Harmon told thrilling tales of her young days of hundreds of local cyclists riding away for the weekend for away trips on the train with their bikes along.

I think they had square dances on the way (in box cars?) and a bike time in new territory. He youth experiences motivated her and others to rejuvenate the league of American Wheelmen in the 1960's. Old Schwinn exec. Keith Kingbay was also involved. Phillis completed a century a couple of years ago I heard and is well into here 70's.

By the way, why don't you guys let that big ole Amtrak train take ye cycles home. You guys just addicted to drivin in Californie or what?

Here just east of hill billy country in North Carolina Amtrak took my Rene Herse unboxed to my first Cirque and we arrived unblemished. What kinda bikes ya got, I mean jees. Boxing is a pain on some Amtrak routes, however. The bike racks on baggage cars are spaced far apart and you can hand the bike over to the loader and watch them, they are always courteous around here.

The truck idea would take the boxing the bike dilemma out of the equation if needed.

Have fun,

Gilbert Anderson

Raleigh, NC USA

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<< Anyone who wants to bring there vintage bike out for a great ride, pre circa 80's myself ,with my 68 Peuqeot px10, and about 30 other friends, will ride from the Irvine amtrak station, to Solana Beach (North San Deigo), apx 76 miles, of coast via Laguna Nigel-San Clemente-onto San Anofre-then through Camp Penelton, onward to Oceanside,Carlsbad, down PCH to Solana Beach, for some Pizza beer and bike talk, then ride the Amtrak train back to Irvine in the pm.

Cost $13 bucks for train ride, additonal $5 for rental truck to bring bikes back

Hopefully weather will be in the mid 70's, and clear,
        For more info or RSVP cal Paul Grant
                                                909-785-0610, or e-mail me >>