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Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 06:22:45 -0800
From: Bill Bryant <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Off topic: my favorite bike name
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Mark Bulgier wrote:
> Well, I might get booted off the list for this, but there really are (or
> were not too long ago) bikes sold under the names...

I don't need to repeat the (hilarious) names of the bikes Mark shared with us, but in the bike racks at the elementary school where I teach there is a BMX bike emblazoned with loud graphics that proclaim it to be the "Felon"--I suppose the owner hopes this makes him one ~bad~ dude in the eyes of his peers. It is from Mongoose and their marketing department is obviously in touch with the aspirations of their pre-adolescent target audience. It also makes me wonder about the values of the parents who bought it for their child...

Anyway, it is questionable marketing ploys like this that make me glad I am no longer in the too-trendy bike shop game. What happened to naming a bike to conjure up some mental vision of speed, athleticism, or excellence? Designating various models (i.e., Trek) by simple numbers seems pretty uninspired too. I suppose it all reflects more about our society than anything else. I remember being a young lad of 15 and visiting the LBS because I wanted to move up from my too-heavy Schwinn Super Sport (one hilly century on it was enough!) I aspired to get one of the exotic lightweight ten-speeds with names like Paramount, Raleigh Professional and International, Gitane "Tour de France", etc, and start riding with the local club. It all seems pretty innocent these 33 years later.

Bill Bryant Santa Cruz, California

Ps--After many hours of working after-school in the grocery market, I ended up with a beautiful chestnut-colored Paramount and rode it hard for many years. Also went to work at the same LBS after high school graduation. A fine machine, I sure wish I still had that P-13 now for sentimental reasons. Foolishly sold it when I was 21 to get the $$ for a Masi. But am still riding with the same club and count my cycling pals, both old and new, as my best friends.