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From: "Richard Rose" <>
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Subject: RE: [CR]Off topic: my favorite bike name
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 09:16:00 -0500
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I am sort of enamored with Ibis "Single Malt", their single speed mountain bike, shipped complete with color coordinated bottle of Single Malt Scotch. I don't remember which one, but I have had it & it is fine... Classic content?? Well, the bike is British Racing Green, and the Scotch is old. Cheers, Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio) P.S. Hey Dale, there is an idea for this years 'Cirque! In keeping with the British theme.., or Scottish in this case. A gathering of CR types for a little single malt tasting, round table style. Sitting around, talking bikes & sipping a variety of Single malts. Hmmm...