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American car racing colours were white with a blue racing stripe for a while. Mainly Cunningham race cars in the 1950s and some Fords(Mustangs and early GT40s) in the early/mid 60s. Then more and more sponsors took over with brand name colour schemes for advertising and drivers got skinney and the tyres got fat. Derek Willburn Long Beach CA very nice day -had to go riding at lunch.

--- Jerry & Liz Moos wrote:

> French race cars of that era were light blue, I

\r?\n> think yellow was either

\r?\n> Belgium or Spain. Sometime the car would be painted

\r?\n> for the nation of the

\r?\n> manufacurer with a band of another color

\r?\n> representing the driver's country.

\r?\n> I've never heard of any such national colors in

\r?\n> cycling.


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\r?\n> > Several decades ago, the racers on the automobile

\r?\n> racing circuit raced

\r?\n> cars that were painted country colors. I know that

\r?\n> Germany was silver,

\r?\n> British was Green (British Racing Green), Italy was

\r?\n> red (which many refer to

\r?\n> as Ferrari red, but is actually Italian racing red

\r?\n> and was the same color

\r?\n> used by Alfa Romeo and others). I think the U.S.

\r?\n> used a white with blue

\r?\n> racing stripes, but I don't recall the other colors,

\r?\n> like French and such.

\r?\n> Even today, German cars in silver, British cars in

\r?\n> BRG, Italian in red seem

\r?\n> to be more prevalent than other choices. Did the

\r?\n> country teams from early

\r?\n> cycling races also have country colors? Lou Deeter,

\r?\n> Orlando FL