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Columbia is the winner. I just unpacked and assembled my Sports Tourist which was purchased at Landry's in Framingham in the 1930's. It also happened to be shipped to me by Landry's. (Thanks to all who recommended having them ship my bike. They were GREAT to deal with and did a supreme job of packing) It has the profile of a lightweight however it is by no means a lightweight by modern standards. Mine has Philco brakes a New Departure front hub, a Schwinn (pat pending) high flange rear freehub dogleg sprocket, Persons saddle. The 'pipes' of the frame are all welded to the head, bb etc with very primitive welds which were obviously filed with a coarse file which left marks that were just painted over. Mine is maroon, has an 'ahooga' horn and came with a stand for the rear axle which may have been one of the earliest set of rollers since it has a wooden roller that the rear tire rolls on as you sit on the seat and pedal. Has a Pope decal on the rear fender as well as Columbia decals on the seat tube and rear fender. Pedals appear to be Wald. Tires are some sort of chain tread. Metal rims. Seatpost is solid iron or steel. Plain chrome chainguard.

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> I agree with the Columbia idea, I had a columbia Sports Tourist womens frame
> about 20 years ago. Black with gold pinstripes and lettering. No parts when
> I rescued it. I wish I'd kept it, instead of making a stingray type bike
> (What was I thiking!)
> Steve Birmingham
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> Subject: [CR]Sports Tourist?
> Does anyone know who made a prewar light weight? Down tube says "sports =
> tourist" I think it could be a Colson or Roadmaster, no name badge it =
> has a 2 speed new departure rear hub.
> Phil Scott
> Clayton, Ohio