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Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 20:36:34 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Box Lining
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> Anybody
> know the tricks for keeping them straight and clean?

Cutting back on the coffee, getting ample sleep and just a shot of Any-malt Scotch can give you just the (straight) edge you need. It's like pouring anything into a narrow-neck bottle.... you can't let yourself think about it too much.

Get a good quality signwriters enamel like One Shot.

Clean the surface first with Bon Ami.

Keep a rag--barely damp with mineral spirits--within reach for a quick removal of any off-strokes and for trimming off the over-strokes at the corners.

Use the best quality striper brush you can find.

Tubes have no edge tend to be tougher than fenders & forks. I've had pretty good luck using a length of aluminum square, U-channel stock(L-channel would work too). Place it on the side of the tube verso the striping but offset enough to provide a fence for guide for your ring or pinky finger. To protect the paint from the metal's sharper edges cover them with a couple lengths of split rubber tubing. This will do the trick as well as keep the guide from slipping around on the slick finish.

Best of luck.

Calvert Guthrie
Kansas City