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Date: Sun, 13 Jan 2002 00:28:34 -0500

Hey Brian,

Which Brit "Team" were you refering and in what time frame? We have all discussed Factory team colors, but I don't know if a standard has existed in the past for individual country frame colors... Of course, individual country team colors were recognized, but I don't know if this carried over to frame painting.

I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that Olympic Team frames in the distant past had to be solid colors without ANY labeling to discourage "commercial influence" on the so-called "virgin" games, according to former IOC President Avery Brundage (mid-1970's). Therefore, the use of any commercial names or branding on Olympic bikes used in Olympic trials or competition was discouraged and punishable by disqualification... Prehaps this remains the standard today, any comments?

The 1980's seemed to bring new shades of color, contrasts, shapes of frames, and new ideas where solid frame colors gave way to new metallics, fades, and color blending for vintage frames. When Brundage passed away, the cycling world seemed to lead the way for amateurs to become paid professionals and by financial slight of hand, retain amateur status. I believe that purse money for "amateur" races that had long been hidden under the table started to be openly disclosed in public which led to Factory Team names being promenently displayed on Olympic bikes for name recognition and subtle advertising... This all impacted why the look of frame paint jobs changed in the 80s. Subtle and conservative hints gave way to loud and bold painting statements...

Comments on this line of thought are welcomed....

Regards, Steve Neago "Pondering history and possibly faulty recollections in Cincinnati, OH"

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> Friends of the Flying Scot:
> Just wondering if any one of you birddogs has flushed out any
> information on wheather or not the USA Olympic team rode Flying Scots.
> I'm dying to know. I would really like to send my Scot to the Cirque
> properly dressed if possible. Will need to know fairly soon so I can
> pick away at it slowly as I get my other work done. Can't show up at the
> party without an eye-catching date! Ahthough if there are as many
> drinkers as it sounds like, maybe it won't matter!
> Brian Baylis
> Curious in La Mesa
> BTW, what did the British team bikes look like?