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Subject: Re: [CR]Silca floor pump vs. modern wonder
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2002 23:38:49 +0100

Theres also SKS..........Not sure on the model but the best one the pressure guuge in inclosed in a heavy duty rubber boot!.........Hoses are readly available as like all the small parts. Long steel barrell with a real wooden handle and it also comes with a wall mounting bracket!.............I think they are still made in Gemany.

BC Baron Corpuz..............and the gang!.........Holland!.......Now looking at the Euro!!

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> Speaking as someone who used to handle warranty returns for a large bike
> store...............there are three kinds of floor pumps; Silca, Medai, and
> crummy ones that break all the time.
> David "Now that I have my own business I don't have to stock T--- or A-----
> exploding floor pumps"Feldman
> Vancouver, WA
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> I too am hopelessly caught up in the past. My "modern" pump is the Silca
> Max, the taller one with the Oak handle and that teeney pressure gauge at
> the bottom. My pump of choice is an "Ecocyclery" hite pump I bought for my
> new PX-10 in 1968, also with an oak handle. Its even taller than the Silca
> Max, and with the 2-1/2" pressure gauge mounted a couple inches up the hose
> and held in place with duct tape that I got at an industrial supply house in
> the early '70's, its easy to watch the pressure creep up with a familiar
> accuracy to the half pound. When the garage Peugeot dealer went out of
> business I bought his entire stock of no name pump chuck inserts. I'm
> finally on its last one and will soon have to find another chuck I can get
> parts for.
> Happy New Year all, Dan Artley
> Parkton, Maryland, where its been starting out in the single digits all this
> week. Brrrrrrrrh!
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> Some women do seem to have trouble pumping tires up to high pressure using
> my old trusty Silca floor pump (not sufficient weight or force or
> something). For Christmas my beloved Marta received a high dollar Blackburn
> TP-5 floor pump. For some time we had been going to various bike shops
> trying out floor pumps to see if she could find one that she could easily
> get to 110 or 120 lbs. Nothing was much different then the Silca we have at
> home, or even as good.
> RB cycles on South Dixie had some monstrous aluminum thing called a TP-5
> Blackburn. Bingo! She was instantly able to pump up her presta tire to 150
> lbs, and she only stopped because at the gleeful rate she was going she was
> going to collapse the rim or blow the tire off! No one even sells this thing
> because of the high price. It bears no resemblance to a Blackburn TP-4 or a
> TP-3 or any other floor pump I have ever seen and everything about it spells
> innovation, amazing ease of use and engineering perfection. I have used it
> for about a week now, but I find myself strangely drawn back to the naked
> simplicity of my old Silca. Does this mean that I am hopelessly lost in
> classic limbo? I love my 60's electrolux vacuum cleaner, Pentax P1000
> camera, tube audio amplifier, beach home restored to 1951 splendor, and dt
> shifter bikes.
> Garth Libre in Surfside Fl (my cat Peppercorn got diarrhea from the loud
> fireworks show that the town of Surfside put on last night- poor boy)