Re: [CR]Falcon-built Merckx on eBay

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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 13:08:31 +1300
From: David Benson <>
To: youngc@NetReach.Net
Subject: Re: [CR]Falcon-built Merckx on eBay
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What is the item #? DB AK, NZ

youngc@NetReach.Net wrote:
>Here is a 53-cm example of the Merckx-labeled Falcons recently discussed on the
>list. This may be the "upscale" model given that the forks and stays are half
>chromed and the lugs look to be pretty nice longpoints.
>I have the cheapie model with chunky, unthinned lugs, no chrome and no
>derailleur hanger on the right dropout. Note the seatstay attachment; not the
>wrapover commonly used on older Falcon frames. Might not be a bad rider if it
>is 531 straight gauge.
>No connection, etc.


>Charlie Young