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I understand what you are saying. But I find it odd that the Italians seem to have such a love of old vehicles but not of bikes. Maybe bikes are too utilitarian?

And in some way does the collecting of lets say old Ferrari's stimulate the buying of new Ferrari's because one always knows that eventually it too will be a collectable?

It is too bad that the bike industry as a whole has not cultivated this concept.

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Albert has always been down on older frames strictly from a standpoint of there is nothing in it for him. The Italians (Alberto Masi comes to mind) are like this as well. They don't understand what we see in this stuff.

I called Albert when I was persuing my 1962 Masi Special that he gave to his former wife as a wedding gift, and I had to use a crow bar just to get the smallest bit of information about the past of this bike. We know each other well, but it doesn't seem to matter to him; he just isn't into it. I mentioned to him the frame of his I had and mentioned I'd like to have another one if he ran into one; and he just laughed at me. That's just the way Uncle Albert is.

Brian Baylis
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    > "Buying an old bike is no bargin at any price. Any part of the
    > bike may be ready to fail.
    > Albert Eisentraut"
    > Jeez, what an optimist. ;-) No bargain at any price?? This is, at least,
    > the second well known and respected framebuilder that has expressed the
    > opinion that collecting their work and putting a great value on an old bike,
    > just because they made it, is rather foolish. Truth or false modesty, you
    > think?
    > John Dunn in Boise, who has a lot of nice old bikes, not nearly as desirable
    > as an Eisentraut, and doesn't think any of them is on the point of failure
    > (he said, as the fork fell off ;-).
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    > > I asked Mr. Eisentraut some similar questions a few months ago and I
    > > don't think he would mind me sharing his informative reply with the
    > > CR group (see below). Note the last couple of sentences. I had
    > > contacted him because I had questions on a used Limited that I had
    > > acquired. Watch out for those used bikes!
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