Re: [CR]florida hills?

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Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2002 07:09:33 -0500
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Subject: Re: [CR]florida hills?

Back in the golden ages of racing, I used to go to Walden's School of Cycling in Florida. There was a day where we went out to "thrill hill" to do runs up the hill for technique. one run sitting and one standing to practice the "Walden way." Back then, I was a gifted climber and it was a mole hill compared with the hills of pennsylvania. (notice, I said hills not mountains of PA). there was also a section outside of Orlando where they used a course for the Florida State Championships I believe that had some relatively decent one or two small hills. Can any of the Florida people verify the areas exactly?? The Classic content is, I absolutely thought Mike Walden, though some of his teaching techniques were aged and his nutritional info off, was an awesome inspirational coach. And some of the most classic riders where coaches at the camp also. ie. TJ the DJ was ancient in comparison to all of us, probably in his late 60s and rode the big gear always. He could maintain a 23-25mph pace practically all day but you could break him by pushing him just a bit more he would drop (the fact you had to worry about dropping a 60 year old is funny but his skills were impressive). He also boasted he could sing dirty songs while riding in seven different languages! I heard a few amusing ones myself. He is so dedicated a rider, he rode his bicycle to Mike Walden's funeral in the procession in the cold midwest in February. And this my CR friends was the classic content. Peace

Walter Skrzypek Falls Creek, Pa wrote:
> Garth, I have been told that Florida doesn't have hills; just highway overpasses ;-)

Paul Patzkowsky, Longmont, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains within cycling distance of Ward, Co via Lefthand Canyon and Estes Park, CO