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Subject: Re: [CR]info on Renaissance Cycles
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 18:12:51 -0600

Has anyone else suddenly been hit for duty? I just got a bill from DHL for $129 in duty (11% on the total including some accessories) on the Caygill frame I received a week or two ago. It is still a bargain, but this is an unpleasant surprise, as I've never been charged duty on goods from UK before. Is this a legitimate charge? Is there some minimum invoice amount, like $1000 or something, before the duty kicks in? Or is Bush trying to reduce the budget shortfall due to the war?

Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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> << Could anyone that has dealt with Renaissance Cycles please drop me
> a line (off list) and let me know what their experience was like? I've not
> ordered overseas before so don't know. >>
> I won't answer off list! I will step up and say for all to hear that I have
> never dealt with anyone as on-the-ball as Baron Korpuz at Renaissance! He is
> a prompt shipper, he packs stuff well, has reasonable prices, has excellent
> quality items.... Geez, this guy is amazing!
> I have finally recently been tapped by the USA Customs for some duty .. Maybe
> I hadn't been noticed by them the first few times. Looked to be about 10%...?
> My highest marks go to Renaissance Bicycles!
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