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Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 19:47:35 -0800

Okay, Kevin, you're on. My team's bikes would have: Stronglight roller headsets Mavic hubs, laced to SSC rims Everest chains running on Maillard 700 freewheels and over the teeth of Stronglight 106 chainrings and cranks, turning on Mavic sealed bottom brackets, shifted by Simplex SLJ derailleurs, the road bikes would be stopped by Universal CX brakes, the 'cross team would get Mafac 2000s with brazed-on posts, ttt bars, stems, and seatposts (post design currently being copied by Salsa) and another 70's item, rubber Bailey Pro Grip tape, would wrap the handlebars.

David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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> >Gang,
> >Kevin Gosney wrote:
> >Just for kicks, imagine yourself in charge of your favorite Euro team of
> >the 70s-early 80s. Campy and Shimano don't exist, but all of the other
> >small players do. If sponsorship was not a deciding factor, how would
> >you spec the team road bikes to last a season? Choose any mix of
> >components from among, but not limited to the following:
> >Mavic, Modolo, OMAS, Edco (dubied), Gipiemme, TTT, Maillard, Berrelli,
> >Simplex, Everest, Zeus,CLB, Galli, Fiamme, ITM, MAFAC, Stronglight,
> >Nervar, Universal, Nisi, Martano. Assos......
> >Just curious....
> For the sake of romance and tradition, I would want to go with
> Simplex/Stronglight/Mafac components... but if I were really going back in
> time and outfitting a team, knowing what I know now, I would go with Zeus
> components. They're indestructible. Plus I'd include Weinmann or Super Alfa
> brakes and Fiamme Red Label rims.
> Herb Langston
> Evanston, IL