[CR]CORRECTION! San Diego/Solana Beach Vintage Bicycle Ride 1/19

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From: "Sterling Peters" <sterlingpeters@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Cc: SoCalClassics@yahoogroups.com
Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2002 20:53:54 -0800
Subject: [CR]CORRECTION! San Diego/Solana Beach Vintage Bicycle Ride 1/19


\r?\n>Special note: This is a different ride then the usual one ( longer and

\r?\n>Hillier, 50 miles round trip )!

\r?\n>Would like to encourage as many vintage buffs as possible to attend the

\r?\n>Vintage rides put on by Sterling Peters here in San Diego each month.

\r?\n>Each ride seems to be better than the last and there are always several

\r?\n>neat bikes to see and lots of pleasant conversation and trading etc.

\r?\n>that goes on. We are solidifying into a stable and friendly group and

\r?\n>would like to see the North County faction remain a part of it all.

\r?\n>Glad to be part of this group and looking forward to many good times

\r?\n>that are sure to be in our future. I feel for the first time the vintage

\r?\n>bike community is coming together in a very personal way that can only

\r?\n>benefit us all and be the source of pleasure and education for


\r?\n>Brian Baylis

\r?\n>La Mesa, CA


\r?\n>The Next San Diego Vintage ride is SATURDAY, January 19th. We will meet

\r?\n>in front of the Automotive Museum in Balboa Park (Park Blvd.& Presidential

\r?\n>Way),unless the are some special events going on . In that case,we will


\r?\n>across Park Blvd (east side of Park Blvd.)at Presidential Way in front of

\r?\n>the Old Navy Veterans Hospital. We will meet at 11:30 A.M. for good

\r?\n>conversation, a Car Trunk Swap Meet ( get there early for the best

\r?\n>deals),show and tell and pictures then depart at 12:00 P.M. If you get lost

\r?\n>or are running late my Cell Phone number is 619-239-3157 . This months


\r?\n>is Italian Bicycles , so dust your Cinelli , Colnago , De Rosa , Masi ,

\r?\n>Bianchi , Atala , Legnano , Frejus , Tommasini , Pinarello ,Coppi ,

\r?\n>Bottecchia , Chiorda , Benotto , Gios , Olmo , Pogliaghi , Rossin , Somec ,

\r?\n>Torpado , Calzone , Chesini , Alan , Zullo , Vicini , Umberto Dei ,


\r?\n>, Casati etc..... I have talked to many people about the ride and a lot of

\r?\n>these bikes will be showing up. This is a 50 mile ride that will ride up

\r?\n>(the old hang out of David Tesch) Hwy 101 "Pacific Coast Hwy" to meet the

\r?\n>group coming down from Irvine , we are planning on meeting them across from

\r?\n>the Train Station at the PIZZA PORT in Solana Beach at 2:00 PM for lunch

\r?\n>and then returning to Balboa Park. This is a longer and hillier route than

\r?\n>we usually take , so bring a light fast bike and a lot of spare sewups ,

\r?\n>money for lunch and 2 Quarts of water.

\r?\n>This ride passes through some of the best sights in San Diego County

\r?\n>Balboa Park, Mission Hills, Presidio Park, Old Town, over the San Diego

\r?\n>River. Then along San Diego Bay and on through Rose Canyon , through UCSD

\r?\n>Campus La Jolla , Torrey Pines State Park , Del Mar and on to Solana Beach

\r?\n>track Park Balboa Park. This ride is always a lot of fun and I encourage

\r?\n>everyone in Southern California to attend, and I'm looking forward to


\r?\n>all of you there again.


\r?\n>Sincerely, Sterling Peters