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Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 08:15:19 -0500
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From: Richard M Sachs <>

> When did Keirin racing start? <

Sports Gambling for 37 Million People

-Background of Keirin The first bicycle racing was held, according to ''the Bicycle Racing Law'' in Kokura City, ( present Kitakyushu City), in November 20-23, 1948 at the velodrome arranged by the municipality for the third athletic tournament. The peopl who enjoyed Keirin over four days numbered 55,000, and the total sales amount was over 19.73 yen. Thereafter Keirin was held in December 1948 at Suminoe by Osaka Prefecture and in Jabuary 1949 at Omiya by Saitama Prefecture; thus Keirin began in the East of Japan. -Allure of Keirn With the increasing complexities of social life and urban development, people found an outlet which satisfied their competeive spirit through watching sports games and sports gambling. It is a social reason that Keirin has become a public recreation for 37 million people. The allure of sports gambling is to have the pleasure of sports and the aded interest of gambling. Keirin, especially, has a different allure from other public races, because racers continually challenged the speed limit they can achieve, by the simple means of a bicyle, and play an exciting drama.

the above extract from my coffee table book, ''Keirin. Pro Bicycle Racing in Japan.'' it is 20 pages of text and pictures and i got it in the 70s through the Japan Trade Association. at the time, i was i was looking for a way to kick a 'serious greyhound habit'. the book is among my most prized collectibles. hoarding RULES! e-RICHIEsan in Chester Prefecture