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Keith Lippy now lives in Salem and is not currently building any bike frames. For the last ten or so years that he was building, his output was almost exclusively tandems and IMHO are excellent tandems; fillet brazed, used lots of oval tubing, pretty racy designs--you won't squeeze 35c's and fenders into a Lippy. He did still turn out the occasional single frame; liked interesting two-tone paint and lug shaping. His early frames used graphics that scream "1970's" like a pair of platform shoes and would look that way if they were a bicycle down tube decal, a magazine cover, or the sign on a gas station.

David FEldman

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Does anyone know of a bicycle company in the United States called "Lippy" bicycles? I had my first bicycle race in 1981 and there was one guy there racing a lime green Lippy bicycle - that was the last time I ever saw that bike - does anyone know anything about them, if they're still around and what the history is on those bikes? Thank you for your help.

Rodney Cox Chico, CA


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