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From: "Sarah Gibson" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]In case there is any doubt/Eisentraut
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 18:20:45

bruce glad to hear that old limited is still getting ridden. i have never owned one but i have a couple of friends who do and they both love them. and there have been a couple come through the shop over the years. never come across one in my size yet... there is currently one in the shop(see our used frames page) it's a beautiful frame. even more so with the obvious signs of being ridden over the years. the fellow i picked it up from tried to get albert to repaint it for him but albert refused. he told the guy it just wasn't worth it and recommended he find a new frame. i thought that an interesting outlook. if any one comes across one in a 55c... peace sarah kansas city

>From: "Bruce & Marie Van Remortel" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: [CR]In case there is any doubt/Eisentraut
>Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 19:11:51 +1000
>As a rider who owns a couple of Eisentrauts, it is a real joy reading this
>string! I grew up in the south bay in Spence Wolf's shop with
>Cinellis/Taylors, Phil Wood, etc and in the Bay Area Albert was SOMETHING
>HUGE! I appreciate other builders, but could never shake that "Signature"
>on his downtube, super cool is all I can say.
>My Limited is still riding great, I got that when I was 15 and still have
>(refinished in 1990 by Cyclart).
>My Y2K frame is what I always wanted from him, pure custom in every way.
>While working the design and finishing he gave me attitude on several
>"classic" (can't say RETRO now that I see Grant on the list!!!) touches.
>The Nervex Pros/BB/crown were not something he looked forward to, but he
>the bullet and anyone that has seen this thing know, he is STILL a master
>framebuilder! In the end (I have non-digital picture of the entire build)
>he says he really enjoyed the blast from the past, so he still does have a
>heart and he really wants to satisfy his customers. I ride it several
>a week and you can NOT beat a true custom-he picked the tubes and angles
>just perfectly. He took my build to heart. I'd endure it again in a
>I figure he must be about 62ish going off the history of his production, so
>if you want one get it soon as he may REALLY give it up soon in my opinion.
>Of course he may be at it into his 90's! : )
>Grant: I've suggested it before to you, ***go interview this old master and
>get his story down for a Riv Reader interview!*** I've got his story from
>1974 Bicycling, 1976 Limited road test, Rainbow 'Traut" test (his dour
>feelings even then!), and of course his story in the bicycle trader 98?.
>He's got to still love it... or else he'd be long gone. I'm sure all
>masters are "difficult" (at least it add to his mystique...)
>Bruce Van Remortel
>Guam for 152 more days...
>Nice, as usual