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Subject: Re: [CR]Stronglight crank questions
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 14:05:36 -0500

Hi Ted,

Early model TA Cyclotouriste cranks were sealed on the side you describe (pre-1975?). Later models were open. I have a Lambert Cyclotourist (1978?) that is open. BTW, I am seeking TA #86 triple chainwheel nuts/bolts... do you have these among you TA findings?

Regards, Steve Neago

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Subject: [CR]Stronglight crank questions

> Hello,
> I have recently come across a bunch of old Stronglight and T/A chainsets that
> appear to be 49D's, 93's and Touristes. Some simply read "Modele Deposee" on
> the reverse of the spider.
> I noticed that on some of said chainsets, the pedal holes are completely
> sealed off on the back sides like the 1958 Campagnolo chainset that recently
> surfaced on eBay.
> I have seen many, many 49D's, mod 93's, Super Competitions, etc, over the
> years but never with the pedal holes completely sealed off on the reverse
> side. My questions are: 1. Are the Stronglight chainsets with the sealed
> off pedal holes an early run? And if so, 2. Approximately what year(s) were
> these chainsets produced? Lastly, 3.
> Are the Stronglight chainsets with the sealed off pedal holes more desirable
> to a collector (worth more) than the standard models?
> Ted E. Baer
> Taking my Prozac and learning to cope in Palo Alto, CA