Re: [CR]Campy question: details of changes to Record brakes

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Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 12:36:34 -0500
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy question: details of changes to Record brakes
From: Richard M Sachs <>

<> writes:
> Okay, now you might say I'm totally nuts.
>>>>no. you're sane. we're nuts!
>I think Campy may have made three reaches of block-logo calliper arms.
>>>>that would be news; i never examined that dimension.
> Also, I have noticed that the cross section of the arms did vary (script logo changes aside).
>>>>i did notice this.
> By the way, it seems to me that in addition to being one of the world's best classic framebuilders, you may be the leading authority on changes in NR and SR parts.
>>>>thanks! around here, i'm ''deb's husband.''

>Do you keep a record of your observations?
>>>>not about the observations i make on bikes! (it's all upstairs).
>>>>i got ''paralysis by analysis'' during ny two masi restorations, ( yeah, m.c., i have TWO!!!). i wanted them done well. in the mix i came to believe this: campagnolo was a big machine shop. they made stuff out of metal. whether we dig the old stuff, whether their parts were romanticized by their connection to the sport, whether their parts were unrivalled in quality or not, they were just parts. just stuff. during the years they were made, some production run variations were made for no apparent reasons at all.i doubt they would have held up shipping department if the brevs. and patents didn't jive, if the cranks had mismatched dates, if the scripted calipers were boxed with some levers-with- hoods-with-rays if they happened to find a stash from years prior. etcetera, infinity. it's cool to examine this stuff now to establish a timeline for details. hey, there's an idea; someone should do a timeline! but there will always be small details that are completely inexplicable. case-in point: all the catalogs up until the mid 80s use the line art for the brake levers depicting the ''rays'' hoods and the first version ''long reach'' lever shape, details we all rightly assume are early 70s specific.

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