[CR]Interesting item on eBay web site item#1064894942: Custom Bicycle Book deal with Cinelli Raleigh

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Subject: [CR]Interesting item on eBay web site item#1064894942: Custom Bicycle Book deal with Cinelli Raleigh

"The Custom Bicycle" yet again, Major Taylor`s book too. Remember, %5 off for CR members ,thanx Curtis Anthony in Philly. Can deliver to Westminster!

Title of item: Custom Bicycle Book deal with Cinelli Raleigh Seller: senditnow Starts: Jan-17-02 12:00:54 PST Ends: Jan-24-02 12:00:54 PST Price: Starts at $25.00 To bid on the item, go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1064894942

Item Description: The Custom Bicycle soft cover, 1979. written by Micheal j Kolin and Denice M de la Rosa. Someone wrote this about the book: Part I having chapters on the bicycle frame, bicycle tubing and tools for frame building. ***Part II Deals with British Frame Builders, including Condor Cycles, JRJ Cycles , Mercian Cycles , Harry Quinn Cycles, Jack Taylor, TI Raleigh and Woodrup. ***Part III is French Builders, including CNC, Gitane, and Peugeot. ***Part IV is Italian builders including Cinelli Cino, Guerciotti, Sante Pogliaghi. ***Part V is American builders, Chapter I being, of course, Schwinn. Chapter II is titled "Profiles of Some American Frame Builders" These include: F.M Assenmacher, Bill Boston, Francisco Cuevas, Albert Eisentraut, Bruce Gordon, and Proteus Design. Chapter III is entitled: General Observations: The American vs. The European Framebuilder. Part IV is: Putting the Bicycle Together. Three chapters covering Bicycle Setup, Assembling the Bicycle, Riding Techniques. *** Appendix I: European Framebuilders*** Appendix II: American Framebuilders ***Appendix III: Recommended Brazing Procedures! ***Appendix IV: Bottom Bracket Width ***Appendix V: Chain Lines. *** Including the Bibliography, Glossary and Index the book is 274 pages with no marked, highlighted, torn or missing pages. Black and white photos of and interviews with builders . This is a treasure trove of vital information for the classic lightweight bicycle aficianado. I have included 18 photos so please let them load as this book contains much interesting "stuff". Money Order, Paypal.

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