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Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2002 16:55:10 -0500
From: Steve Freides <>
Organization: Friday's Computer
To: Diane Lees <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Parts available
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As you will no doubt find out, attachments aren't allowed here (and don't come through) nor are posting of things after the early 80's, although your particular mix, if you're selling it as a lot, might pass muster.

Best to just list the vintage items as text in your message and leave the rest for another venue.

Welcome aboard!


Diane Lees wrote:
> Hello CR List,
> I am new to the list and, while I would not ordinarily post such things,
> this is an unusual situation. We are a bike shop and had a customer drop
> off a fairly large box-o-stuff in which you might be interested. He has
> gone to all modern Ergo shifting with 10 speed cassettes so, his wife told
> him to find a home for this other stuff.
> We have posted a couple of items to eBay, but as I see the messages coming
> in for this list, I realize that I would be happier to see some of you with
> these items - if you are interested.
> They are not exactly "Vintage" - many items being of 8 speed (such as Sachs
> freewheels) - but there are quite a few Campagnolo parts including aero
> non-Ergo brake levers.
> I have attached an Excel file - if you are unable to read it and are
> interested in the parts, please let me know off-list. I can copy and paste
> it for you or fax it to you.
> Also, the items that were listed on eBay (before I thought better of it!)
> are marked.
> I am enjoying seeing all the names I know (and have known for many years)
> as well as the interesting posts about all-things-ROAD!
> Regards to all.
> Diane Lees
> HubBub Custom Bicycles