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Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 15:38:40 -0900

I don't quite get it, having NEVER been charged duty on any of many international purchases. Are you saying that Customs bills DHL and they bill you? If so, can DHL supply a copy of the documentation from Customs? If not, why not? If Customs charges 3.9% and DHL is asking for 11% I wouldn't trust them on anything. I'd demand the proper legal documents from US Customs before DHL got a dime from me. And why should DHL get a fee of any kind?! What? A customs brokerage fee? Forgive my ignorance, but please keep us apprised of how this turns out, Jerry.

John Dunn in Boise, who trusts gov. or big business not the slightest. Now, headed to the grocery store on the old Rossin in 5 inches of fresh snow. Whoohooo!

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To follow up on the unexpected duty on my Caygill frame from UK, I went to the US Custom Service web site. It seems DHL, and perhaps other carriers, are trying to screw the public. My shipment consisted of frame, racks, lighting equipment. The US Customs web site states that the tariff on frames worth over $600 is 3.9% and 0% on lighting equipment. Even complete bicycles are only 5.5%. DHL billed me for 11% plus a fee. I intend to pay them only 3.9% of the frame value, plus a prorated fee. I suggest other members likewise check the Customs web site and refuse to pay improper fees.


Jerry Moos