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Subject: RE: [CR]Help with Honjo fenders!
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 21:21:45 -0700
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I just installed some honjos on my Riv A/R. Installation is pretty simple - just drill two holes in the rear of the fenders to mount the retaining "rods". Some of the pictures at jitensha studios should help. See and

I found attaching the front of the rear fender a little problematic. I finally used an adapter from an old Yakima wheel strap to hold the fender in place.

Kurt Bittner Boulder, CO

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Hi All, I'm eagerly anticipating Dale's completion of the restoration of my beloved 1978 Raleigh Pro. As a non-stock touch, I decided to have fender eyelets installed.

To make use of the new brazeons I ordered a pair of beautiful Honjo 700c narrow hammered fenders from Bicycle Classics, of which I have just taken delivery. Some of the installation details are not at all clear, specifically, how to attach (with the hardware provided) the stays to the fenders. Before bothering Mike (quite busy just now, I'd imagine) I thought I'd troll for guidance from the group. Anyone installed these who can offer some advise? Thanks, -Chuck Taylor Boston, MA


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