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Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 09:50:59 -0800 (PST)
From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campagnolo Brakes
To: nick zatezalo <>
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How certain are you on this chronology? I have never seen a script-logo on a NR/SR caliper except those having the "Anniversary" profile. Also, I have never seen a script logo caliper of any kind that was normal reach. By the time the script logo came around, normal reach was far from the norm, and as far as I know Campy had either stopped making the longer calipers or was producing a small volume of the block logo variety.

Tom Dalton

--- nick zatezalo wrote:

> Chronology of side pull brakes

\r?\n> Normal Reach w/No lettering on arms

\r?\n> Normal Reach w/Block lettering Brev.Inter.

\r?\n> Short Reach W/Block lettering Brev.Int.& rubber

\r?\n> bumper

\r?\n> Normal & Short Reach W/Script letters

\r?\n> Normal & Short Reach W/Script letters & Anniversary

\r?\n> profile

\r?\n> Or something to that effect.

\r?\n> My question is regarding the frame types that needed

\r?\n> the

\r?\n> different arm lengths for brakes to function

\r?\n> properly.

\r?\n> What are the determining factors other than actual

\r?\n> dimensions?

\r?\n> Any general rules of thumb? Like year made/country

\r?\n> of origin/

\r?\n> manufacturer/wheel-rim combination.

\r?\n> Nick Zatezalo

\r?\n> COLD WET Atlanta,Ga