[CR]Vintage Irvine Group/Meets San Deigo Faction

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From: "Sterling Peters" <sterlingpeters@hotmail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 12:20:51 -0800
Subject: [CR]Vintage Irvine Group/Meets San Deigo Faction

Paul ,you and all the good looking women cyclists in your group are welcome anytime. Sterling

>Fellow CR's,
> Yes indeed our 74.2 miler from the Irvine Amtrak Station, to Solana
>Beach,was a
>very chilly start at 8:30am 40 F, as the sun came out and we hit the hills
>east Orange county,we managed to climb 1400ft through Rancho Santa
>to contiune through Mission Viejo,then yes what goes up must come down ,we
>headed west somewhere east of San Clemente on Ortega Hwy, to descend to
>sea level @ 180ft....Thank GOD! I bitched the whole way. We rode through
>residential neigborhoods ,only to take a break close to the old Western
>owned by ol Tricky Dick, Then we pressed on along the scenic (and Lately in
>the news) San Anofre Nuclear Plant,then due to the Sept 11 closure of Camp
>we proceeded on the shoulder of the I-5fwy for 8miles, before arriving in
> The last leg of our journey took us through many North San Diego (SURFER
>where when I was a teen spent many hours of the cliffs of "Swamis" in
>Encinitas surfin the big right point, Cowabonga...and finally to Solana
>Beach..where I finally
>got to chat with the renowened Brian B. along with Jim C, Of course our
>didn't hardly compare, with our circa 80's Bridgestones,Motobecane Grand
>and Mirage Sport, Khs ,old steel treks,My 68 PX-10, and many other downtube
>shifter bikes from the 80's,I introduced many of the 24 riders, Men and
>that managed to ingest those 10" personal Pizza's and enjoy the fellowship,
>but the
>60's something Chromed Cinelli caught my eye,indeed the fine Masi cycles
>is that Scott from LA, and the other Cinelli guy from the Pasedena rides.
>enjoyed the fun and the ride on Amtrak was pleasant if you call riding
>in a train while lookin out the window at the Pacific. Any way I would like
>close with Hope we can arrange more of these rides in the spring!
> Till we meet again!
> Paul Grant
> Riverside, CA