[CR]Shimano 3.3.3

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From: "Richard & Shelvie Robinson" <robin25@konnect.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 23:04:45 +0900
Subject: [CR]Shimano 3.3.3


First, I would like to apologize if anyone on the list that has recently received an email from me with an attachment that included a virus. Approximately a week ago I received an email from a list member that contained a virus. The virus remained undetected in my computer for a week (McAfee did not detect the virus), sending out emails to everyone in my address book. Mike, thanks for letting me know that I had a virus. Please do not open any attachments that may have been sent from my email address in the past week. On a happier and vintage lightweight note I have the chance to buy a Shimano 3.3.3 rear derailleur. I was visiting one of the local bike shops and found an old 3.3.3 rear derailleur. I'm not sure what the shop owner wants for it, but I'm sure I can get it for next to nothing. I tend to collect/use Italian, Spanish or French parts so I'm not sure what something like this might be worth. According to The Dancing Chain this was Shimano's fist rear derailleur. Shimano only built it for two years (1956 - 57) and then went back to building freewheels and hubs. Given the fact that it was only built for two years and it's Shimano's first derailleur I would think it might be worth something. Any vintage Shimano guys out there that could field this inquiry? Is anyone interested in the derailleur? The shop owner also has a NOS Simplex Prestige 537 (Delrin and not the Criterium model). Is this worth picking up? If so, what would be a good/fair price?

Thanks for your time!

Regards, Rich