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Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2002 01:23:37 EST

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> Well, Gian Robert did make one premium thing that _no_ one else could
> touch (not even Campagnolo!) and that was their chain pliers. It used
> to be _the_ pro mechanic tool for "cutting" chains.
> Chuck Schmidt
> SoPas, SoCal

While working at Georgetown cycle Sport in Washington, DC, ee once took a load of GR rear derailleurs and held them in the right hand, wound the cage in the other and let them go. SNAP!! We had a contest to see whose would break into the most pieces and/or fly the farthest across the shop.

Thye tool continues to be a masterpiece and I used mine for over 10 years and thousands of chains. Truly remosed and set the pins with one hand, perfect ectraction and setting. first time, every time.

I replaced many pins over the years and a few years ago found a small stash of these in boxes.

They were heavy enough for a hammer or self defense weapon as well, and if placed in a good vise, the handles were perfect for removing Arai drum brake rotors.

These were $40 wholesale back in the old days too.

Larry Black
Washington, DC