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Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:36:09 -0800

> Dear Group,
> As one who has received a "Hurt Hetchins" and another bike or two =
> from England with dents in the tubes from shipping, I read the story of =
> the mangled $22.50 Raleigh 3 speed with interest. What if this bike had =
> been one of the Rene Herse bicycles that travel, thanks to eBay, to =
> Japan? I have often wondered whether these beautiful examples of the =
> framebuilder's art make it to their destination without damage. But =
> then, when it comes to shipping bicycles, I have become something of a =
> pessimist. =20
> Does anyone know the story of bicycles that are shipped from the =
> U.S. and/or England to Japan? What is the "safe journey" success rate?
> =20
> Daniel "Loves English bikes, Hates Shipping" Dahlquist
> Gallena, IL

From Europe/America to Japan, I'm 8 for 8 with no damage. The only unfortunate occurrence is a lost crank arm bolt through a small hole in the box, but no 'bigee'. Hope this doesn't change my luck as I am waiting for a Pogliaghi to arrive.

Among those who have experienced breakage, would the damage have occurred regardless of the packing methods?

Dennis Young
Hotaka, Japan