I: [CR]Pictures of Paris-Roubaix equipped Piemontesi

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Subject: I: [CR]Pictures of Paris-Roubaix equipped Piemontesi
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You are correct in your analysis that the handlebars, stem, brake levers and pedals are newish, probably from the 70's. I am also very dubious about the fork too. The fork crown doesn't correspond to what I know of Italian bikes from the 50's. Perhaps others may want to comment on the fork crown. The Paris-Roubaix gear also seems to be strangely bent.

Domenico Piemontesi who the brand is named after was a racer in the 20-30's. He won 3 or 4 big races including the Giro di Lombardia in 1933, the Giro dell'Emilia in 1932 and the Tre Valli Varesine twice at 10 years' interval in 1922 and 1932. Another of his great moments was in the 1928 Giro D'Italia, when he was able to lead Binda through Borgomanero (Novara). If I am not mistaken, this is also where the bike was built. It is also only a short distance away from Binda's home town of Cittiglio (Varese), so for Piemontesi to pass through in front of the 'local' big shot was likely quite an event at the time, and would be very memorable. He was from the Varese/Novara area and was born around the turn of the century, so to see him as a small bicycle shop manufacturer in the 50's would seem quite logical. I would expect that he only sold bikes locally. Is this where you found the bike?

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> I've put some images of the (uncleaned) bike at
> http://home.t-online.de/home/dirk.feeken/piem/piemontesi.htm
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