Re: [CR]Some one check Mr. Bayliss's garage....

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From: "Brian Baylis" <>
To: Scott Goldsmith <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Some one check Mr. Bayliss's garage....
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Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 07:27:02 -0800


I've got enough trouble parking all these bikes. Certainly you're not suggesting that I have the missing helium filled advertising prop? Oh, you're asking about that big thing hovering over my backyard. That's my new puppy, she followed me home; I think she's a green spotted red finned boyant AIR-POODLE.

No need to build special rack for KK gutbombs. The optional rear rack on my Jackson trike holds them perfectly.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA Life is too short for ugly donuts.

> Classic content, The Blimp will be seen at this years Cirque ?
> How about painting a bike in KK livery for next year, with kustom
> racks for KK boxes ? Krispy Kreme Kustom Kruller Kruzer!
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> Scott Goldsmith
> Zinzinnati, Ohio
> Life is too short, for ugly toys.