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      Had the MTD's. V.nice. What no weyless?Maybe the best! A pair of those Columbias were part of a display when the Conrad's shop moved to its present location in Tudor city.
      Conrad was an O.K. guy. Sara is still there on Wed. If you miss her, aim again ("victim of the press" button. Ya know @ that?). Sold the shop a few years ago to the mechanic. Had to take her for the deal.
      Listmember Dave Perry has acess to a muli set up. Runs roller races in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the deepest ,darkest of the winter. In a bar. Dave. Dave.Weihenstephaner. Dave? Dave and I have the same tastes. I seen that pic. on the rollers. Ya still look good. baby. ciao, John Pergolizzi 4in. of snow tommarow,nyc

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> > Beleive it or not, when the cones went on my Cinelli rollers(completly worn
> > THROUGH in one spot! Holy cones?), I used a campy cone(ft or rear?) as a
> > replacement. Worked fine. That worn cone,tied to a long yellow string, has
> > served as my plumb bob for the last 25 years (to measure saddle set back w/
> > the bottom backet axel). Will never cease to give me great pleasure.
> > Pre-replacement= @747 at takeoff.
> > Post " = @radio controlled cesena(toy)
> > ciao,
> > John T.Pergolizzi
> > really cold(25) N.Y.C.
> >
> John
> Is that noise assessment from the ground or the cabin?
> (on the full size craft, i mean)
> Our most interesting rollers are pegged and laminated wood with chain drive
> These were sold through Conrad's in NYC, carried a custom brass plaque for
> the owner, used massive pillow blocks and 2" bearings. and weighed about 150#
> Not to be confused with the ones that had a tapered center made by MTD and
> marketed by Columbia (yes, the American bike co.)
> Othrer interesting rollers in the museum include a 4-up set of Barelli with
> racing clock, and the 2-up J.I.C. racing set recently obtained from Oliver
> Newton 'Boots' Ward - on which I learned to ride in his stuffy basement 30+
> years ago.
> I had the clock repainted a few months ago and took them to the interbike for
> Fuji's roller record Junior record setting national title ride.
> Larry Black
> Woodbine, Md.