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Subject: Re: [CR]colnago on ebay - cyclart decals
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 18:46:30 -0500

I can also offer some educational insights off-list about CyclArt based on past experiences. No forum bashing here!

Regards, Steve Neago Cincinnati, OH

"Warming up to the off-list conversation about CyclArt"

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From: John Pergolizzi
To: Mark Bulgier
Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 1:09 PM
Subject: Re: [CR]colnago on ebay - cyclart decals

> Mark,
> Had you ever dealt w/ Cycle, you perhaps have a slightly different view
> on the subject. In all sincerity, be glad you don't have an "experience"
> to share. I'm not trying to indirectly bash here, through the use of
> innuendo. (Not that I have a problem doing that("bash" as some might term
> it),morally. But Dale would justifiably throw me out of his living room for
> using the juicy language that permeates my discourse on the subject). Its
> just that I, and I think others w/simpler experiences to mine(and there are
> ALOT of them), would like to make aware the unknowing, in a fair
> ,unbiased,non-confrontational,educating way. Possible? No guarantees..
> As I have offered before to the list, should anyone like to talk to me @
> my experiences w/ that,or any other bike related co. in my 28 years of
> playin w/ this stuff, feel free to give me a call at 1-212-308-5903 m-f 8am
> to 9pm, sat.+sun. after 10am. From Jan.1,03 to April 1, 03 I will be in
> San Diego at 1-917-770-2025. Be forwarned: be prepared for an earfull.
> Very ,very educational. And free.
> ciao,
> John T.Pergolizzi
> Sicilian
> P.S. Nothing P's me off more then someone who tries to screw me or my
> friends. Oh s---, can I say that? Let the feathers fly! J.P.
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> Subject: RE: [CR]colnago on ebay - cyclart decals
> > Please no more Cyclart-bashing on the list. They've stated their reasons
> > for not selling decals (read the archives), and I happen to agree and hope
> > they never do sell decals. Certainly you must agree it's their right to
> not
> > sell them. But whether you agree or not, it does no good to drag this
> > unpleasantness through the list every six months.
> >
> > No connection to said business, not even as a customer.
> >
> > Mark Bulgier
> > Seattle, Wa
> > USA